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Symptoms of Liver Overload

Common health problems directly linked to a toxic liver

Adapted from the 3-part audiocassette lecture by D. Gary Young, "JuvaCleanse Your Liver for Better Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health"
(Training Tapes #50, 51 & 52 © Copyright 2003 Essential Science Publishing).

If you watch much television these days — especially network news — you would come away with the conclusion that everyone in our country (USA) suffers, on a daily basis, from asthma, allergies, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, gas, pre-mature graying, high cholesterol, insomnia and sexual dysfunctions. We're conditioned all of our lives to think of these things as unavoidable.

"But there's good news: We have a pill for that."

Some of these problems are clearly serious in nature. But for many of the others, they remain merely vexing (and, so we are told, in need of some quick remedy); but don't become an especially serious health concern until a pharmaceutical company has come up with another pill to sell you. (Examples of this are depression, PMS — and its new, more serious-sounding "disorder" — and ADHA, which, while real health issues, are not diseases as such; they are symptoms of other imbalances in the body. They only became "diseases" when the pharmaceutical companies developed drugs for them, and lobbied the agencies that can define "disease".)

Indications of serious problems

The trouble with this mind-set is that all of these symptoms are indications of a serious problem: liver overload. Liver overload — or liver toxicity — is a very serious problem, one that we dare not overlook.


Because the liver carries out over 5,000 biochemical functions every day, from converting the nutrients from our food into the forms needed by the body, to filtering out toxins and chemically converting them so they may be eliminated safely. These vital functions affect every cell in the body. If the liver isn't able to do that effectively, because of toxic overload, you get into serious trouble.

Are your health problems really an indication of liver overload?

The following symptoms are directly related to liver overload. If you have any of them, you need to seriously consider doing a liver cleansing program. Merely treating the symptoms — especially with more toxic pharmaceuticals — could seriously shorten your life, or ruin the quality of your life.

Symptoms of liver overload:

There are many more symptoms associated with a poorly functioning liver, but these are some of the primary ones, and are directly related to liver overload.

Looking at this list, it would seem that, if we all did what was necessary to take the toxic load off our livers, network news would need to go out and find a whole new set of sponsors.


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