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Hormones and essential oils, help for dry eyes

Greetings again from Lincoln, Nebraska.  I hope you are well and prospering (enough), despite the difficult times.

It has been a year now since I did my last "real" newsletter.  I'm sorry about that.  It was not my intention to let things go for so long; but it has just been a strange year for me.  It all started with the discovery that our kitchen was filled with black mold, continued with two months in a hotel as the mold abatement company tore apart the kitchen and rebuilt it in 30-minute increments, then having my parents (both 82 years old) go through a series of issues from pneumonia to a couple of small strokes to some surgeries and on and on.  I've been doing my share of caregiving, which has pretty much wiped my out and taken away from the time I have for the business.

One thing I learned from all of this: If you discover mold in your home, just burn it down.  It's cheaper and quicker, in the long run.  Trust me; you won't be sorry.

Another thing I learned: The mold abatement company had several options for killing off the mold in our kitchen.  Most of them were really toxic, with possible side effects ranging from cancer to central nervous system damage.  But, "the good stuff" we finally went with was just thyme oil in a botanical base.  You could drink the stuff, but it was powerfully effective against the mold.  So, if you discover mold in your home and don't want to burn it down, you could ask to have them use this solution.  I don't have the name of the product; just ask for the one with thyme oil.


Natural help for dry eyes:

For the past few years, I've had problems with dry eyes.  I don't mean dry and irritated; I mean that, when I opened my eyes in the morning, I would actually tear the eye tissue.  The eye lids actually stuck to my eye balls.  It was a painful and annoying experience, feeling a lot like someone had his thumb in my eye, and I couldn't get away.

To remedy this, I tried several forms of eye drops.  Some offered a few seconds of relief, but as soon as I blinked, I was back where I started.  And, when I heard from a few other people that they had similar experiences, I really began to wonder if there was something that could be done that would really work to remedy this problem.

You may have heard about the drug Restasis®.  It is often prescribed for those with dry eye.  The problem is, it works by suppressing the immune system, in order to reduce the inflammatory response of the eyes.  As with any drug, it has its range of side-effects; and I would suggest that it is never a good idea to suppress the immune system.  If there is a problem with immune response (as with chronic inflammation) the answer is not in suppressing the immune system, but in upregulating it.


A natural alternative to Restasis®

Taking off from the Restasis® concept of dry eye resulting from an inflammatory condition, I started looking for a natural alternative to immuno-suppressive drugs.  Many essential oils are very anti-inflammatory, so I tried different oils, using different applications, testing to see if they might help.  Despite some early promise, none really seemed to resolve the problem for me.

Then I tried using an eye drop (the one I used was Similasan, since it is supposed to be more natural and didn't contain propylene glycol, as most do) along with essential oils.  My results were much better.  Neither proved that effective by itself, but using them together, has given me a large measure of relief.  Here's what I did.

Before going to bed, I put two drops of Similasan in each eye, holding down the lower lid and rolling my eye around to make sure it was well-moistened.  Then, I took five drops of the Deep Blue blend and applied it to the bridge of the nose, around the eye (that is: along the ridge of the bone around the eye, keeping the oil away from the eye itself), then down the side of the nose, over the lacrimal glands.  I then went right to bed, making sure to position myself in such a way as to avoid having the essential oil run into my eyes (I kept a cotton ball, saturated with fractionated coconut oil beside my bed, so I could dab my eyes, just in case that attempt was not completely successful). 

Other oils might be good to use, as well.  Lavender and frankincense would be excellent choices, as would birch.

As long as I've followed this protocol, I've generally awoken without any problems with my eyes.

I will add that, as I've continued this application over several months, the effectiveness seems to keep getting better.  Now, when I apply the Deep Blue, it feels like someone turned on a tiny hose under my eye lids, bathing the eyes with refreshing tears.

So, my recommendation would be that, if you can schedule it into your day, it would be good to follow this protocol two to three times per day, to give your eyes the benefit of on-going anti-inflammatory support.  The way I've been doing it, I'm largely playing catch-up.  If you can get and stay ahead of the inflammatory response by using the drops and oils a few times per day, you should be able to resolve whatever is causing the inflammation to begin with.


Hormones and Essential Oils - Part II

Dr David Hill from doTERRA

Last month, Dr David Hill gave a great presentation on Hormones and Essential Oils: Menopause.  (You can read my notes of this webinar here, or go to and click on the Webinar Archive link to listen to a recording of that presentation.

Well, Dr. Hill will be presenting Part II of this webinar series on Wednesday, March 31, 2010.  I encourage you to register and join us.  You can register here (it's free).  You will be given your unique link to participate in this session.  You will need to download the GoToMeeting software.  You can listen either through your computer's speaker system or dial in on your phone. 

I will try to get notes for you, as I did last month, but with things as they are around here, I don't know for sure that this will be possible.



Well, that's it for this time.  Feel free to share anything here with anyone who is interested.  Until next time.


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