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Nutrilite Double X Food Supplements

The grand-daddy of dietary supplements with amazing powers

The word is officially out: A daily dietary supplement is actually good for you.  Many of us have guessed that for years; but now — finally — we have official verification of this.

What a relief.

Of course, the powers-that-be who issued this statement had something like One-a-Day or Centrum in mind.  The problem is, these synthetic vitamin-mineral supplements can't be used effectively by the body.  You might even want to think of them in terms of toxic waste.  Your body's immune system responds to them like foreign invaders.

However, there is a wonderful option.  It's called Nutrilite Double X.

How to purchase Nutrilite for yourself

Quixtar — now called Amway Global — does not allow the sale of Nutrilite products online, except under excessively prohibitive conditions.  Because of this, I can't offer you this amazing product on this site or provide you with a link to another distributor.  The situation has gotten so bad for me (in terms of being able to make any money at this) that I'm in the process of terminating my relation ship to Quixtar/Amway Global.

However, all is not lost.   Over the years, I've found a couple of other supplements that have shown themselves to work as well as Nutrilite.

The Living Multi formulas have worked very well for me and my wife over the years.  I can't handle Nutrilite (I'm allergic to the alfalfa in it), and my wife has found that the Optimal Women's Formula works better for her than Nutrilite Double X.

However, the Optimal Women's Formula does not work at all for my mother, who has pernicious anemia.  For her, the only thing that allowed her to be at all functional was the Nutrilite Double X — until the last couple of months.


Tried, tested and proven: the Lifelong Wellness Pack from dōTERRA™ is simply the best dietary supplement that we've seen. 

The Lifelong Wellness Pack provides me with more energy than anything else I've ever tried.  And now, we know that there is an alternative to Nutrilite Double X for my mother. 

My 82-year-old mother has been using the Lifelong Wellness Pack for several months now.  Not only has she not had a return of her pernicious anemia symptoms, she recently passed through a very stress-filled two-month period, followed by a bout with pneumonia.  Once she got out of the hospital, she was back at the gym, lifting weights and running, within about two weeks.  That is, for her, an unimaginable recovery.

So, while I don't know where to hook you up with a Nutrilite representative, I don't mind in the least.  I feel fully confident to recommend to you either of these other fine dietary supplements.

What is Nutrilite Double X?

Nutrilite is an natural food supplement created in the 1930s by Dr. Carl Rehnborg.  Its foundation is the Nutrilite concentrate, made from the enzymatic pre-digestion of alfalfa and other herbs, to create a powerful dietary supplement that works in harmony with your body.

What I have seen Nutrilite do for others

I've see truly amazing benefits from the use of this dietary supplement.  Tragically, I've also seen the proof of Nutrilite's benefits when, discontinued at the recommendation of doctors, the previous problems that had been in all-but-totall remission returned with a vengeance.  Here are a few stories.

Help for pernicious anemia

My introduction to Nutrilite came in the early 1960s (I think it was 1963).  At that time, my mother was suffering terribly with pernicious anemia.  Despite the best medical treatment of the time, her blood was more like strawberry KoolAid than blood.  She experienced crushing fatigue, and spent her day going from one household chore to a nap to another household chore to a nap …

You get the idea.

With three young boys at home, this was not a life.

Then one day, there was a knock on the door.  It was a salesman; he was selling Nutrilite.  (It should be noted that, before there was an AmWay, there was a Nutrilite — the granddaddy of multi-level marketing business opportunities.)  He came in and made his sales pitch.  My mom decided to give them a try, and the results were utterly amazing.

Within a matter of a couple of months, her energy was that of a normal person.  She had a new vitality and zest; it was like being re-born.  She went to see her doctor, and he actually found blood in her veins.  He said that, as long as she stayed on the Nutrilite, she didn't need to come back to see him.

She actually improved so much, she started selling Nutrilite, and built a fairly good business (before Nutrilite sold out to Amway, and the whole thing fell apart).

Help for Diabetes

One of my cousins was diagnosed with diabetes when she was about 11 years old.  In no time, she was injecting herself with insulin up to five times a day to control her blood sugar.

My mom suggested that she try Nutrilite (one of the smaller units than the Double X), and within a matter of months, she was entirely off the insulin.

But, when she went to see her doctor again and said what she was doing, the doctor told her she was wasting her money (he called it "expensive urine"), and told her parents to discontinue the Nutrilite.

She did; and within a few months, she was back on insulin — multiple injections a day.

Help for Muscular Dystrophy

In grade school, I had a friend with Muscular Dystrophy.  Over the years, I saw him go from frail, but walking to frail and on crutches to confined to a wheel chair.

My mom recommended Nutrilite to his parents.  They tried it, and over the next few month, he progressed from the wheel chair to walking.  We were all so excited.

Then his parents took my friend to the doctor.  They were told that the Nutrilite couldn't possibly be the reason he was in remission; so they discontinued it.  Within months, he was back in his wheel chair.

I don't know what ever became of him.  Shortly after this, they moved out-of-state to get him better medical care.

Help for crippling Arthritis

A man from our church had crippling arthritis.  If that wasn't bad enough, he had been a wonderful organist.  He played for our church services; but he was also the music director of a world-wide Christian radio ministry, and played for the broadcasts.  Some of his songs are known and loved around the world.  (His name was Eugene Clark.)

Because of his arthritis, he was on cortisone.  As a result, first he went blind, then his stomach virtually disintegrated.  He was left bed-ridden and in terrible pain.  He couldn't even turn himself in bed.

He started taking Nutrilite, and within a few month, his arthritis was bothering him a lot less, and he was gaining back some strength.  But again, doctors said it was a waste of money, so he discontinued it and quickly reverted back to his previous condition.

Many untold stories

I've heard stories of how Nutrilite helped infertile couples have children, how it stopped a genetic disease in its tracks (it had been in the family for generations, until the generation after the introduction of Nutrilite), and many other wonderful testimonials.

Now there's another option

As marvelous as Nutrilite is, I believe that there's another option that could prove to be even better.  It's Living Multi® Optimal Women's Formula or Living Multi® Optimal Men's Formula from Garden of Life.  Although very similar to Nutrilite, these dietary supplements don't contain any stearates, which can impair assimilation of the supplements — and foods.  They also contain homeostatic soil organisms, like those found in Primal Defense, which have tremendous benefits for absorption of nutrients, as well as for immunity and gut function.  Maybe even better than that, you now have the option of the Lifelong Wellness Pack from dōTERRA™ (see the text inset box above). 

I really believe that, if you're serious about natural health and wellness, these supplements are the place to start.  I'm sure you'll see the difference.


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